Friday, February 6, 2009

Daily dose of Jesus. : ]]

Well my life pretty much consists of work.. not much else goes on. and because of my little issue not being able to attend church on a traditional Sunday i've found an amazing church online [[]] i love it. both of the pastors are great so you can choose from either campus. and usually every other day i listen to a sermon online.. its like my own little devotional.. Me and Nefty call our daily dose of jesus [[becasue sometimes i freak out if i go without it for a day]] and i also went and got the cutest bible from mardel's yesterday. i just couldn't resist. : ]] Monday i'm going to mail them a check so that they will send me two of the series that they've done on CD just because i love them so much.. They're such an accepting church. Its a christian bible church. its not necessarily what baptist believe, or methodist or church of christ.. its just straight from god's word and i LOVE it. anywho.. you should check it out. !!!


p.s. here's my super cute new bible. --

[[this is the picture from the website.]]

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