Tuesday, March 17, 2009


it seems like everytime you take 2 steps forward you take 5 steps back. this applies to everything jobs, relationships, and even cleanin house. i mean i know nothing is great all of the time but i don't need information from anyone i'm doing fine i just have a bad day now and then. and its absolutely ridiculous to get advice from some people that really don't have any room to be in my business. i may make a statement but i don't need a response. i'm just stating a fact about the way things are going. my life is not always going to be butterflies and roses. i know that so let me be. leave me alone. i'm havin a bad night. and i know i've put myself in this situation i put myself here three years ago when he and i got together but i'm just not sure it bad enough to give up. i'm goin to fight for this until there's nothing worth fighting for. so thats my two cents take it as you will..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hair School : ]]

I found a hair school finally! Its actually affordable.. and its close to my house. Yay. Tristan's mom is coming into town this weekend and we're going to go look at it. She knows questions and stuff to ask and I know she'll be the best person to take with me. : ]] I am super excited. It's so freakin amazing to finally find one. I went to the eye doctore the other day.. apparently I have some condition and so I have to wear progressive lenses and they cost a pretty penny. i should get them in 7 - 10 business days. Whoop Whoop. : ]] haha.. well now i'm going to go and try to compelety redo my blog profile thingy. and make it super cute. : ]]
God is Good,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the wedding

man so far planning this wedding has been no fun at all. i can't find a dance hall that i like.. i haven't even found a chapel. mann.. i need to get on the ball though we only have a year and a couple of months left..


Sunday, February 8, 2009

going to watch a movie..

with my nefty.. and luis.. well of course tristan is goin with me. : ]] but yea.. i cannot wait to have a baby. since tristan's step-mom and dad are having a baby all i can think of are baby names and baby this and baby that.. i just want to get married and have a family. sooo bad.. : ]] but i had my daily dose of jesus and its a good thing because i needed peace today. and now all is well. : ]] i know he's in my life all of the time but i just need those couple of minutes just to focus and dwell on my love for christ. : ]] anywho.. goodnight!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Daily dose of Jesus. : ]]

Well my life pretty much consists of work.. not much else goes on. and because of my little issue not being able to attend church on a traditional Sunday i've found an amazing church online [[www.rushcreek.org]] i love it. both of the pastors are great so you can choose from either campus. and usually every other day i listen to a sermon online.. its like my own little devotional.. Me and Nefty call our daily dose of jesus [[becasue sometimes i freak out if i go without it for a day]] and i also went and got the cutest bible from mardel's yesterday. i just couldn't resist. : ]] Monday i'm going to mail them a check so that they will send me two of the series that they've done on CD just because i love them so much.. They're such an accepting church. Its a christian bible church. its not necessarily what baptist believe, or methodist or church of christ.. its just straight from god's word and i LOVE it. anywho.. you should check it out. !!!


p.s. here's my super cute new bible. --

[[this is the picture from the website.]]

Thursday, January 29, 2009


i've been so annoyed.. for really no reason at all. everything has just been driving me nuts but everything is still the same. : ]] i don't know.. oh and i've finally figured out how to knit the afghan on my knitting looms.

Monday, January 26, 2009

cold cold cold

I absolutely HATE cold weather its so yucky.. its fuhh-ree-zing.. and we're supposed to have an ice storm..oh well. we finally got our furniture yay. i love it.. we're doin well.. tristan is working alot and we've found out the plano store will open in april. i've been put on bench to manager at build-a-bear..[[you don't have to make any jokes i get them all the time from tristan and everyone else in my life]].. other than that we kinda just chill out.. i've finally started on wedding stuff.. well kinda.. i plan on sending out engagement announcements at the end of March.. kinda just to get everyone's addresses and everything.. we still haven't set a date but ya know.. we're kinda chill about it all and there is just to much going on with everyone... thanks.. : ]] have an awesome night.. here's some pictures..

Our Fire Place

My Living Room

Me and Tristan [[Family Pictures 2008]]

My whole family!

Me and Tristan right after he Purposed September 12, 2008!!!