Thursday, January 29, 2009


i've been so annoyed.. for really no reason at all. everything has just been driving me nuts but everything is still the same. : ]] i don't know.. oh and i've finally figured out how to knit the afghan on my knitting looms.

Monday, January 26, 2009

cold cold cold

I absolutely HATE cold weather its so yucky.. its fuhh-ree-zing.. and we're supposed to have an ice storm..oh well. we finally got our furniture yay. i love it.. we're doin well.. tristan is working alot and we've found out the plano store will open in april. i've been put on bench to manager at build-a-bear..[[you don't have to make any jokes i get them all the time from tristan and everyone else in my life]].. other than that we kinda just chill out.. i've finally started on wedding stuff.. well kinda.. i plan on sending out engagement announcements at the end of March.. kinda just to get everyone's addresses and everything.. we still haven't set a date but ya know.. we're kinda chill about it all and there is just to much going on with everyone... thanks.. : ]] have an awesome night.. here's some pictures..

Our Fire Place

My Living Room

Me and Tristan [[Family Pictures 2008]]

My whole family!

Me and Tristan right after he Purposed September 12, 2008!!!