Tuesday, March 17, 2009


it seems like everytime you take 2 steps forward you take 5 steps back. this applies to everything jobs, relationships, and even cleanin house. i mean i know nothing is great all of the time but i don't need information from anyone i'm doing fine i just have a bad day now and then. and its absolutely ridiculous to get advice from some people that really don't have any room to be in my business. i may make a statement but i don't need a response. i'm just stating a fact about the way things are going. my life is not always going to be butterflies and roses. i know that so let me be. leave me alone. i'm havin a bad night. and i know i've put myself in this situation i put myself here three years ago when he and i got together but i'm just not sure it bad enough to give up. i'm goin to fight for this until there's nothing worth fighting for. so thats my two cents take it as you will..