Tuesday, April 29, 2008


YAY! our pictures are today i am oh so very excited. i cannot wait. plus i am going to get my glasses fixed. ugh. and then we bought "rose red" yesterday at wal farts so we are going to finish it. it is 4 1/2 hour long movie so we had to cut it in half! aboutta get off of work..YAY!

Monday, April 28, 2008

man oh man oh man

there is so much going on right now i can't keep up it is nuts. there is stuff with pictures and graduation and our house and all sorts of stuff!

Friday, April 25, 2008


i hate when tristan and i have different hours i get so so so bored..well this weekend we have to start fixing up our house we will be putting it on the market soon so gotta get it ready. painting and tiling and all sorts of stuff. also tomorrow i am going to go to the mall and look for a dress for graduation and then we are going to the drive in to see baby mama. haha i am super excited. blahddy blah blah blah...this sucks i have 2 magazines i could be reading also information on my 401k ugh..but i just don't wanna do anything but see t bird i have just had one of those days ya know where you need to see the one person that can always make ya smile...but i guess i am gonna go and i guess go to sleep i dunno...
here are just some random pictures of us!


So i am basically pretty hacked off today. i mean it is an ok day but tristan and i were supposed to get our senior/couples pictures done on monday but the lady got sick which is ok. but i would have liked her to atleast have called by now ya know. like it would have been ok if she didn't want to do them but i would like to know so i can find someone else. but all is well i have someone else to do them so i just wish she could've let me know. but i don't wanna be a B word so off of that. i just started this thingy i hope it is cool.