Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i haven't blogged in awhile..

well. we've moved to frisco and its going pretty well i'd say. and we've finally put some money down on some furniture but 3 days later my car broke down and now we owe alot of money on that too. my mom gave the guy three post dated checks and he went ahead and fixed it so now i just have to give my mom the money and then hopefully we'll be able to get our furniture. i'm so stressed about it all. oh and we finally got a washer and a dryer. : ]] but as soon as we get a paycheck it slips right out of our hands to something else we need. ugh.. being broke is no fun. haha. but other than money everything else is fine. tristan and i have never gotten along so well it's rather strange. : ]] but we've got our tree up and i started to do the mantle but then all of our money slipped out of my hands and mmy decorating had to go on hold. but hope everyone has an awesome holiday season. : ]]

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